Can you get electric cars on lease? 

Yes, you can lease an electric car. Electric vehicle leasing is a great option if you want to explore some of the top electric cars currently on the market , or if you want to make sure you are always behind the wheel of one of the latest electric models .

Synergy Car Leasing offers a range of top electric car models, along with hybrid petrol engines and hybrid diesel engines. Some hybrids plug in to charge the battery, similar to a pure EV, whereas others have a smaller battery that charges via the petrol engine while driving.

If you would like to know more about how to get electric cars on lease, read on for details of some of the top all-electric cars and the other hybrid fuel types that are available, as well as the reasons why more and more motorists are choosing battery-powered vehicles for business and personal driving alike.

What types of electric vehicles are there?

The main types of electric vehicles and hybrid electric fuel types are:

  • Electric (i.e. battery only)
  • Petrol Hybrid (no plugin)
  • Petrol Plugin Hybrid
  • Diesel Plugin Hybrid

Let's look at some of the top electric cars currently on the market.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has claimed the top spot as the most popular electric car in the world. With a competitive Nissan Leaf leasing price, the all-electric vehicle offers substantial cost savings over combustion fuels. Top-up charging from 20% to 80% takes just an hour at 50kW, perfect for public charging points and city centre use.

Fiat 500 Electric

The 1960s supermini has brought its Italian style right up to date with an all-electric engine. As nippy and zippy now as it ever was, the Fiat 500 EV has all of the benefits of its internal combustion engine ancestor, including a compact size to make parallel parking in tight spaces a breeze.

Vauxhall Corsa

The all-electric Vauxhall Corsa is indistinguishable from a conventional combustion engine vehicle at first glance, with modern bodywork and comfortable interiors. Under the bonnet there's a 50 kWh battery that delivers a range of over 250 miles of city driving, with a supercharge up to 80% in a time of just 30 minutes on a 100kW supply.

Why lease an electric car?

There are many reasons why drivers choose to lease an electric car . For some, the benefits are the same as leasing a conventional combustion engine vehicle: access to the latest models, ability to upgrade more often, and scalability for business fleets.

With new EVs coming on to the market all the time , leasing is a great way to try different makes and models.  At the end of the lease, simply hand the car back and arrange delivery on the same day for your new electric lease car.

Some motorists are still not fully convinced by the technology under the bonnet — but with widespread public charging infrastructure increasingly in place, improved performance and increased range under a single charge, the era of EVs has definitely arrived.


Electric car plugged into public charge point

Electric vehicle leasing offers the ability to drive the latest technology