Fleet management & vehicle leasing solutions

What is fleet management? Good fleet management should be an efficient system for keeping track of all the vehicles you use within your business, whether it’s delivery vans or salary sacrifice company cars. Managing a fleet of vehicles is sometimes easier said than done however, so our team of professional and friendly Account Managers will help you lease the cars and vans you require to run your fleet, using our software for fleet management

In addition, the Synergy Fleet Management solution enables your company to store your vehicles and drivers details into one online management system. Automatic compliance starts immediately with prompts for MOTs, road fund licence renewals, routine maintenance and servicing as well as driver licence checks. You just need to provide the registration number and current odometer reading to do this.

Using the Synergy Fleet Management system, we can assist in managing and reducing maintenance and tyre costs ensuring you keep your vehicles on the road and running efficiently.

Driving licence checks are simple. Once your driver details are loaded, the fleet management software system will email the drivers to complete a DVLA validation process and authorise you to check their licence as long as they stay in your employment. The checks are done directly with the DVLA (no involvement from you or your drivers), and you will get a licence check history for compliance and alerts when drivers get penalties or disqualifications.

If you’re looking at Fleet Management solutions, but aren’t sure if it’s for you, have a look at some of the benefits of using Synergy Fleet Management below.

What are the benefits of fleet management?

There are many benefits of fleet management, however below are just some of the ways Synergy Fleet Management can help you.

We can work with you on both new vehicles and your existing fleet using Synergy Fleet Management to manage all vehicle-related spending, reducing costs, saving you time and letting you see actual costs.

  • Mileage tracking – contract mileage prediction so it can be managed
  • Managing your grey fleet – managing expenses from your employees using their own vehicles for company business
  • Storing MOT and insurance certificates

As a business you need to know that people who are driving for you, even occasionally as part of their job, have roadworthy, properly insured vehicles. Synergy Fleet Management is designed to help you manage your grey fleet risk, keeping your company and your drivers safe.

Our simple interface and dashboard give you the most important information as soon as you log in.

Our simplest solution requires the driver to plug in a device to the cigarette lighter and they are connected. In doing this you can:

  • Rename the device as a vehicle or a driver
  • See live positions

Synergy fleet management stores all those documents like insurance certificates, permits and VE103 forms against the vehicles and drivers they relate to.

Drivers have access to only their information, ensuring data safety and access control.

  • Explore historical journeys
  • Privacy – drivers can simply unplug during personal journeys
  • Transparency – drivers see all recorded trips on their mobile app
  • Service – drivers can rapidly and easily generate and submit mileage reports
  • Other options include a fully fitted CAN bus clip

If you allow the driver’s immediate household members to drive their company vehicle, Synergy fleet management helps to keep track of who is authorised to drive which vehicle, and if they have a valid driving license.

Synergy fleet management solution allows your business to ensure all your fleet information is in one, secure organised system.

  • Driver Safety – Monitoring driving characteristics improves driver and third-party safety by changing behaviour and reducing equipment failure
  • Save on Costs – From the obvious like fuel to the not so obvious like insurance, Synergy Fleet Management helps you change behaviour and maximise fleet efficiency
  • Customer Experience – Knowing where your vehicle is can help improve service

Administering a fleet, often in addition to your day-job, makes for lots of tedious requirements for accurate detail to be management. Just provide registration numbers and Synergy fleet management will fill in all the essential details for your fleet.

It’s really important to keep your fleet vehicles serviced and maintained. They will run better, use less fuel and be more reliable if you do. You may also have to pay additional charges if you return vehicles at end of contract that have missed services. Synergy fleet management automatically knows about service schedules, so if one of your vehicles needs an oil change; Synergy fleet management will let you and your drivers know.

Synergy Fleet Management tells you all the important things you need to know about your vehicles and drivers and will send you timely notifications and reminders when stuff needs doing.

  • Standard Driver App available free on Android and IOS
  • Secure Driver Login
  • View vehicle details allocated to the driver

Synergy fleet management can quickly generate reports on drivers and/or vehicles, such as MOT and road fund licence dates through to the last time a driver’s licence was checked.

  • Record manual readings
  • Record fuel transactions and upload photo of the receipt
  • Track business and personal trips
  • Record accident details and upload photos, notifications sent to the Fleet Manager
  • Perform vehicle inspection*, record damage and faults, notifications sent to the Fleet Manager
  • In-app messaging with the Fleet Manager
  • Real-time updating in Synergy Fleet Management, with offline capability

Available to all active Synergy Fleet Management vehicles, the Driverline service works seamlessly with Synergy Fleet Management.

  1. Jobs booked via Driverline are imported back into Synergy Fleet Management under the vehicle registration number once invoiced, creating a vehicle maintenance history for the Fleet Manager
  2. Once activated, the driver will be able to use the dedicated number 24/7 for support with all in-life events including Accidents, Breakdown, Service, MOT, Maintenance, Tyres, Glass or General Enquiries.