What are the top electric cars for 2024?

Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are in huge demand and look to represent a turning point for car leasing in 2024. This will be driven by low benefit-in-kind tax for company car drivers making them extremely tax-efficient, but also by the significant fuel savings that can be made too.

Electric cars are now mainstream, and here at Synergy we have a selection of the very best, available on both business and personal lease agreements.

More and more electric cars are appearing on UK roads, and electric car charging infrastructure is constantly improving. This means the competition between manufacturers to build capable and desirable electric cars is even fiercer, so it isn’t getting any easier to know which one you should be choosing for your next Synergy lease.

With that in mind, we’re here to offer a selection of the top electric car lease deals for 2024, available to lease right here at Synergy.


Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is the a stylish, premium crossover which appears next to the Model 3 saloon in the Tesla range. It has a maximum possible range of 315-miles and a 0-62mph time of 4.8-seconds, so it has the range and performance that has made Tesla famous, but also some of the more sensible, practical solutions too.

It can seat passengers comfortably, and there’s 2,000-litres of storage capacity around the car. With Tesla’s Supercharger network, you can restore 150-miles of range to the battery in the time it takes you to grab a coffee from a nearby barista. That adds up to a pretty cool car if you ask us — just as a Tesla should be.

Polestar 2

Speaking of cool, Polestar, Volvo’s performance and electric car division, offers one of best looking electric cars we’ve seen so far here at Synergy. The Polestar 2 is a stunning fastback saloon that’s designed to really stand out on the road.

It too can boast of a sub-5-second 0-62mph time and an impressive range of 292-miles, thanks to two electric motors that work together to drive all four wheels.

The Polestar 2 uses Google’s operating system, so the infotainment system should seem familiar to anyone with smartphone experience, and the car also comes as standard with a vegan interior. This modern, minimalist head-turner is an electric car we love, and we’re sure business and personal lease customers will continue to love it in 2024.


If you’re considering an EV for your next lease but don’t think they are within your budget, leasing an MG4 from Synergy could be the answer.

The brand has years of success in the UK market but was recently relaunched under Chinese ownership. What resulted is a range of impressive and very capable electric vehicles, including the MG4. The blend of style, efficiency and affordability is unrivalled, meaning this hatchback must be on your shortlist to lease this year.

It has a 281-mile WLTP range in entry-level form. Pick the performance-based MG4 XPower though and benefit from 435hp that gives you 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds. It’s as quick as performance cars come and has the looks to match.

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen has a history of absolutely nailing what consumers need from a family vehicle. You only need to look at the history and success of the Golf to know that. Well, the ID.3 has been labelled as the Golf of the future by many in the motoring business.

With a maximum possible range of 341-miles, the Volkswagen ID.3 offers a lot of distance for its package, and as expected, Volkswagen’s premium interior execution and generous technological and safety equipment goes above and beyond. A superb family EV, and great value on a Synergy lease agreement.

BYD Seal

The BYD Seal offers concept car looks and an impressive all-electric powertrain. This stylish and competent electric saloon hopes to rival mainstream competitors as we move into 2024.

It has an 82.5kWh battery that’s paired to an electric motor, with customers getting to choose between two-wheel and all-wheel drive. The two-wheel drive model is likely to be most popular, producing 312bhp, 360NM of torque and an WLTP range of 354 miles. Its interior is dominated by a 15.6-inch rotatable infotainment screen, along with some industry-leasing in-car tech designed to enhance your driving experience.


We see a lot of demand for luxury electric vehicles here at Synergy, and the BMW iX certainly fits that description perfectly.

A next-generation zero-emission SUV, the BMW iX is imperious on the road, silky smooth, and blessed with a wonderful modern interior and a whole host of technological features. It’s also a stunning design that really turns heads, and has proven to be an instant hit with Synergy customers.

With a maximum possible range of 380-miles on the XDrive 50 model, it also goes a long way on a single charge and is an excellent new BMW for a new era of motoring.

Fisker Ocean

The Fisker Ocean is an exciting addition to electric car leasing market and looks like nothing else on the road, with an aggressive stance and low roofline. It has a 113KWH battery which has an impressive WLTP range of 440-miles and produces 564 bhp. The Fisker Ocean might be an SUV, but it remains engaging and comfortable to drive with responsive steering, and competent suspension. 

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a luxury interior with some great standard equipment including like a panoramic sunroof, powerlift tailgate and digital rearview mirror.


The stylish GWM ORA 03 is all about design, with the Chinese manufacturer paying a lot of attention to the styling of this car, and it shows. This hatchback offers something different in a competitive EV market for such a small car.

It’s an elegant vehicle, which takes design inspiration from retro cars in the 1950s and 60s, transitioning this into 2024 seamlessly. It’s available with some great leasing deals here at Synergy, making it a great choice for anyone looking for an EV that’s like nothing else on the road.

Here we’ve picked out just a handful of the very best electric cars available at Synergy. To discuss your electric car options for your next Synergy business or personal lease agreement, get in touch with our friendly and professional team today.