The new Ford Focus has arrived and it is better than it’s ever been. Key to the new Focus are several technological advancements that we think Synergy lease customers should be aware of, so we’ve compiled this little list of our favourite features for you.


Heads-up display

Fighter jets originally pioneered this technology, but now you can have it in a Ford Focus. Yes, one of the options on the new Focus is a heads-up display which means you can read key information without having to take your eyes off the road. It works by projecting an image onto a small glass screen on top of the dashboard. It can be adjusted for size and position and displays information like speed and navigational directions. Once you get used to it, it becomes one of your favourite features and anything that helps you keep your eyes on the road more often is a useful safety feature too.


Pothole detection system

Ford aims to bring you a more comfortable ride by offering its new pothole detection system technology. With roads across the UK falling into increasingly worse states, this looks set to be a welcome addition to the new Focus. This technology works by detecting when the wheel has dropped – an event that happens in a matter of milliseconds – and reducing the amount the suspension drops by to avoid that crashing, banging sensation you get when hitting a pothole. It’ll make journeys more comfortable, but it might also prevent damage to your new Focus too.


Improved adaptive cruise control

An incredibly useful feature to have on your new Focus, and now it has been improved with the addition of ‘Stop & Go’, speed sign recognition and lane-centring technology, which should make cruising even more relaxing than before.


Adaptive front lighting system

We’ve had headlights that turn as you go around corners for some time now, but Ford has introduced a new front lighting system which features more than just flexible beams. For a start, the system works by using a front-mounted camera, unlike most systems of this type which rely on steering wheel inputs, which means the lights can adjust pre-emptively to the corner. They also widen on approach to junctions and roundabouts.

This technology also features glare-free high beams which reduce the dazzling effect on other drivers should you forget to dip your beams, and the camera that controls the lights has also been taught to recognise some road signs.

Post-collision braking

Hopefully this is one technology you’ll never have to experience working. Ford has added post-collision breaking to the new Focus in a bit to reduce the risk of secondary impacts following an initial collision. It works simply by detecting the collision, and then by applying the brakes immediately following it to prevent that secondary hit.


FordPass Connect

While Ford might not be so good at naming its technology, it is good at providing useful features for its customers and this is the perfect example of precisely that. With FordPass Connect, customers will be able to download an app which features a vehicle locator, vehicle status reports, facility to unlock and lock the doors, start the new Focus from distance (if you’ve got the new 8-speed automatic), and features a safety system which automatically calls the emergency services in the event of a serious accident. Oh, and it also acts as a WiFi hotspot within the car.


Improved engines and 8-speed automatic gearbox

There’s an excellent choice of engines in the new Focus and they’re now finally complemented with an automatic gearbox that does them justice too. The stand-out engines are both 1.5-litres in size – the Ecoboost petrol at 180bhp, and the EcoBlue diesel at 118bhp.  The EcoBoost petrol unit should get you 40-50mpg and offers from 121g/km of CO2, while the EcoBlue diesel should be capable of between 60-70mpg and offers from 91g/km of CO2.

The new 8-speed automatic gearbox is a welcome addition to the new Focus and offers slick, fast changes between gears – even on the tricky mountain roads we tested it on. Over time, it should learn from its driver as it features software that assesses driving styles to improve its overall performance.