Maintenance & Roadside Assistance

Complete peace of mind. You’re in safe hands with us

Synergy YouDrive Maintenance & Roadside Assistance offers a fixed-cost option to ensure your vehicle is maintained to the manufacturer’s recommendations during the term of the lease. It could save you time and money, for convenience and hassle-free motoring.

  • All routine servicing and maintenance
  • Service booking (arranged at your convenience with wash and clean service)
  • “Fair play” tyres*
  • Batteries
  • Breakdown & Roadside Assistance
  • Exhausts
  • MOT Tests
  • Any worn items (subject to ‘fair play’ policy below)

*Our tyre policy is “fair play”.  This means that damaged tyres will be replaced inside the maintenance budget.


What excluded?

  • Glass & windscreens
  • Accident damage
  • Driver error, negligence, or abuse
  • Missing or damaged items
  • Misfuelling or running out of fuel
  • DPF & Catalytic converters
  • Fluid top ups (including the fuel additive, Ad-Blue) outside of routine servicing
  • Missed servicing (any warrantable items that have been invalidated by missed routine servicing)

These charges will be billed directly to you via a vehicle services invoice and collected via your direct debit.


Why choose Synergy YouDrive Maintenance & Roadside Assistance?

  • A fixed monthly cost
  • Great value – often cheaper than paying for servicing and repairs as needed
  • Protection against future price increases on parts and labour
  • Servicing and repairs by an approved garage near to you
  • Tyre replacement by an approved provider near to you
  • No need to pay for work and claim it back
  • Your vehicle is maintained to the manufacturers’ recommendations
  • 24 Hour dedicated Driver Support Line
  • Breakdown services


Synergy YouDrive Maintenance & Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions

Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

The scheme covers routine servicing, maintenance and repairs of the vehicle, including fair wear and tear, replacement of exhausts, batteries and tyres (excluding winter tyres) but does not include all costs of repair to the vehicle as a result of:
- damage to the vehicle, misuse of the vehicle or abuse to the vehicle;  it also excludes repairs to bodywork, tyres punctured and/or damaged by your negligence, misuse or abuse (and this is not an exhaustive list of damage);
- charges for replacement glass; and
- fuel and ‘top-up’ oils and lubricants (e.g. screenwash, antifreeze, oil, ad-blue) between servicing.

You are responsible for paying the charges for these repairs and items.

You must:
- maintain the bodywork of the vehicle; the exterior and interior must be in good condition (fair wear and tear excepted) having regard to the age and mileage of the vehicle;
- maintain the vehicle and carry out maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook;
- maintain the vehicle in a roadworthy condition;
- obtain servicing, maintenance and repair services by following the rules set out below; and
book the vehicle in for servicing, maintenance by telephoning Synergy YouDrive Maintenance & Roadside Assistance Driverline because this will ensure that the services will be provided by our approved garages

You must not:
- Have the vehicle serviced, maintained or repaired at any garage not approved by Synergy. If you do not arrange services, maintenance, and repairs through Synergy, you will have to pay all the reasonable costs of repair. If these unauthorised services, maintenance and/or repairs devalue the vehicle, you must pay us the loss in value. The loss in value will be determined by an independent vehicle assessor. If the assessor determines that there is a loss in value then in addition to you paying the loss in value, you must also pay Synergy’s costs in appointing the vehicle assessor.

Servicing, maintenance and repair services are only available in the UK (unless you have obtained permission to take the vehicle abroad and Synergy have approved maintenance and repairs to be carried out).

Please note that Synergy cannot currently support the use of manufacturer connected services. If you elect to have the service activated, please ensure that you continue to contact Synergy directly for all service, maintenance, tyre and repair enquiries. Synergy operates its own UK mainland network of preferred suppliers you must not use any dealers or garages that the connected service may suggest.


Please note: All servicing, maintenance and repairs must be arranged through the Synergy YouDrive DriverLine.  We cannot refund or cover the cost of any repairs, servicing or maintenance not approved in advance by Synergy.