Top Business Lease Deals

If you’re looking for business car lease deals, then look no further than Synergy. From SMEs, limited companies, partnerships to sole traders, we offer business car leasing deals in the UK, on a contract that works for your business. Company car leasing is a popular option for our customers. Having a fleet of business leasing cars has a range of benefits such as staff retention, easy advertising and it can even offer financial savings.

Many companies opt for electric vehicles when they lease a car for their business because of the great environmental and financial benefits. Having an electric fleet of business lease cars means you can meet ESG goals (environmental, social and governance) as well as taking advantage of the low benefit-in-kind tax on EVs. One way we can assist your business in offering company cars, is through a salary sacrifice car leasing scheme.

We offer car lease options for businesses with a wide range of requirements, such as heavy duty and high mileage contracts. If you think business leasing could be the right choice for you, contact our team today and we can talk you through our best leasing deals and match you to your ideal company car lease. Check out our great range of company car business lease deals on the page below. Secure your business vehicle lease with Synergy today.

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