Workplace Visitor Policy

Amendments 1.10.20: Visitors during Covid-19 and until further notice

Additional measures have been added to this policy to deal with the current restrictions and safety measures during Covid-19.  These additional measures supercede any conflicting measures in the policy which apply outside of the current restrictions.

  • Visitors are currently not permitted to enter our office without authorisation from a company director and the reason for the visit must be essential.
  • Visitors must check in on our workplace online system – Sine Pro. The Sine Pro app can be downloaded and the QR code scanned on entry and exit. Details can be provided in advance or on entry to the building. If they do not wish to download the app, the visitor’s contact must check them in and out using the online system
  • Visitors must continue to sign the visitors’ book.
  • Visitors can also scan the NHS Test & Trace QR Code on entry if they have the NHS Covid-19 app.
  • We also ask visitors to wear a face mask, unless they have a health or other reason not to do so.
  • Visitors must note that many of our employees continue to work remotely and may not be in the office.
  • Visitors must confirm arrangements with their designated contact prior to obtaining authorisation to visit the office.
  • All meetings should be held virtually wherever possible instead of in person. If this is not possible, then social distancing must be maintained, windows opened, or the meeting held outside. 
  • All permitted visitors must adhere to social distancing at all times, and follow the additional safety measures which have been put in place to protect our employees during Covid-19
  • Visitors must not enter the office if they or any member of their household have or have had any symptoms of Covid-19 (continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell) within the last 14 days; or they have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS if they have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.
  • Visitors must not enter the office if they have any other contagious illnesses, including for example mild seasonal coughs, colds and sore throats
  • No personal mail, packages or parcels for employees or visitors will be received or accepted at the office, and employees must not send personal deliveries to the office until further notice
  • For office deliveries, no paperwork will be accepted by employees – any paperwork (for example, delivery notes) must be sent online or via email. Employees are not permitted to assist with any deliveries to the office and must maintain social distancing at all times with any visitors with permitted access, e.g. delivery personnel or service contractors.
  • Authorised employees are encouraged to order office supplies in bulk to reduce the number and frequency of deliveries to the office.



Our Workplace Visitors policy outlines our rules for receiving visitors at our premises. We want to ensure that visitors will not:

  • Pose threats to our people, premises or property
  • Distract employees from their work
  • Be exposed to risk or danger



This policy applies to all employees. “Workplace visitors” may refer to employees’ friends and family (referred to as personal visitors), agencies and other business partners, contractors, external vendors, stakeholders, customers and the public.

This policy does not refer to remote employees or employees from other company locations.



The following rules apply for all kinds of visitors:

  • Visitors must state the name of the employee they are visiting via the intercom before entry to the office is granted.
  • Visitors should sign the Visitor Book in the reception area on the first floor and show a form of identification.
  • Employees must always tend to their visitors while they are inside our premises.
  • Our internet usage, data protection and confidentiality policies temporarily cover our visitors while they are on company premises. They must not misuse our internet connection, disclose confidential information or take photographs without permission.
  • Visitors are allowed during working hours. After-hours visitors must have written authorisation from a company director.
  • Visitors must not enter the office if they have any form of contagious sickness or illness, including mild common colds, coughs and sore throats.



Generally, employees may not allow access to the office to unauthorised personal visitors. We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Employees may bring visitors to company events or after obtaining authorisation from a company director.  Common areas, such as the Rec Room, first floor reception area or ground floor entrance area, may be open to visitors. We advise our employees to only permit visitors in those areas for a short time and for specific reasons. Employees are responsible for accompanying any of their underage visitors at all times.



Contractors, suppliers and service vendors, like IT technicians and plumbers, can enter our premises only to complete their job duties. Please check which member of staff has authorised their attendance and inform the member of staff that the contractor/service vendor is on the premises.



Our company may occasionally accept the following types of visitors:

  • Students
  • Investors
  • Customers and clients
  • Job candidates
  • Business partners
  • Marketing agencies

Those visitors must state the name of the employee who they are visiting before being admitted to the building. They should always be accompanied by an employee while on company premises.



We do not accept visitors selling goods or services, gathering donations or for any other reason where an appointment has not been made in advance with a specific member of staff.



Anyone who delivers orders, mail or packages for employees should remain at the building’s front entrance.  Employees, other than the person named on the order, mail or package may accept it on another employee’s behalf and inform the employee that their package has arrived.

Large deliveries (e.g. supplies) should be delivered to designated spaces (e.g. water to the kitchen.)



Employees who do not adhere to this policy may face disciplinary action.  Our aim is to protect our people and workspace to keep them safe.