In our new feature ‘What’s Hot?’ Synergy Automotive Content Editor Jonny Edge takes a look at the best of our current offers and particularly special lease vehicles. This month, it’s the Mercedes-Benz GLA Urban Edition…

Synergy customers are a trendy lot. We know this because our offer on a special edition Mercedes-Benz GLA is seriously hot this month – we’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in it. The GLA in question is the ‘Urban Edition’ of Mercedes’ subcompact luxury SUV – a car parked on the apex of current motoring trends.

It’s easy to see why our customers have been drawn to it. The Mercedes GLA has a particularly classy design, a very Mercedes trait, and the low roofline and raised suspension give a chunky, quality image to the car. If you’re wondering what our existing Mercedes-Benz customers think, you can find more from them in our Feefo reviews.

The ‘Urban Edition’ is clearly aimed to appeal to customers living in large towns or cities because Mercedes has put together this special edition with shorter journeys and efficiency in mind. The absence of the ‘4MATIC’ all-wheel drive system is a good example of this. The inclusion of all-wheel drive really isn’t necessary for drivers from an urban environment as it bumps up your CO2 and fuel efficiency figures. So, with this GLA Urban Edition it’s front-wheel drive only. You also only have the option of one engine – the 1.6-litre turbo petrol. For shorter journeys and lower mileage – as well as start/stop traffic – the petrol engine is a superior unit, again for reasons of efficiency more than anything else. If you were living in a city and were designing a GLA to fit around your lifestyle there, this is exactly how you should do it, as a bonus I suspect this engine should still see you achieve a solid 40-45mpg when out on a decent run.

Though choices are often limited with special edition models, with this GLA Urban edition Synergy customers do have a choice between a manual and automatic gearbox. Talking to the team here, it seems that the 7-speed automatic option only works out at roughly £10 a month more than the manual, so if it was me I’d go ahead and tick that box. The Mercedes automatic might not fire in gears like a sports car, but it’s a smooth and refined ‘box that will give you a little more of that ‘Mercedes Experience’ when driving – an extra layer of luxury and comfort that the brand is famous for. For that little extra a month, that’s really worth having.

The GLA shares the majority of its DNA with the A-Class hatchback – a terrific car in its own right – but as the GLA is an SUV the car sits a little bit higher, giving the driver a superior field of vision. The lifted comfort suspension gives superior ride quality, though it also makes it feel different in the corners to the A-Class hatch. This Urban Edition gets you upgraded 18’ alloy wheels, the anti-theft pack, ‘night and light’ pack, seat comfort pack, and there’s a choice of either red or white paint as standard – though you can pay a little extra for metallic paint if you fancy a different colour.

With Special Edition models like the GLA Urban Edition, there’s often not much in the way of options as they are all pre-selected. It might be pre-loaded with options, but it actually works out better this way for the customer and as such it’s pre-loaded with great value for money too. This particular GLA makes for a bit of a bargain in that sense and it’s rare to see a special edition Mercedes-Benz at this price point.

Fashionable, beautifully made and very well equipped, the GLA Urban Edition is red hot here at Synergy right now – an excellent opportunity to get a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz on a business or personal lease at a fabulous price backed by our Best Price Guarantee. Not to mention we offer free UK mainland delivery with all orders placed through us, making this a particularly difficult offer to resist.

Check out the deal on the Mercedes GLA Urban Edition