This month in ‘What’s Hot?’ Synergy’s Content Editor Jonny Edge picks out the Volvo XC40 T3 ‘Momentum’ as the hottest car from our range of current offers and special lease vehicles.


When I first saw the Volvo XC40 it was a striking concept named the ’40.1’ that looked as if it had been carved from a block of ice rather than formed from a complex array of components. 9 times out of 10, a concept car is solely a concept, a styling exercise in which designers show off certain features or elements they’d like to include in future cars. That concept car that you’re looking at? The chances are you’ll see about 10% of it in future models. Not so with the Volvo XC40.


By the time the production car rolled around, there was only the most minor of changes made to the original concept, with the final XC40 design looking just as freshly ice-chiselled as the 40.1 did. As modern SUVs go, this is one of the most beautiful examples around so it’s no wonder that it’s caught the eye of Synergy business and personal lease customers.


Aside from that eye-catching design, the XC40 ticks a ton of other boxes for our customers. The T3 Momentum we have headlining our XC40 offers is an efficient 1.5-litre turbo petrol, perfect for nipping around on short urban journeys. Though it has only 3-cylinders, this ‘T3’ produces an impressive 154bhp, though it is setup for a far more measured, relaxed driving experience than rivals such as a BMW X1 or Audi Q2. If comfort is your thing, the XC40 is the standout candidate in this particular crowd.


The XC40 is available with all-wheel drive but it isn’t really a car that needs all-wheel drive. The majority of XC40’s will likely not see anything other than an asphalt surface and though the capability to drive any wheel is useful in poor conditions, Volvo’s excellent stability controls and electronic driving aids are always on hand to provide assistance in such situations – let’s not forget that Volvo produces some of the most advanced and safest cars on the market. Front-wheel drive is a more efficient day-to-day setup and that’s exactly what’s present in the T3 Momentum that’s on offer.


New Volvo XC40


Every modern car needs a great infotainment system if it’s to be considered one of the very best, and Volvo’s ‘Sensus’ system is exactly that. Unusually, it’s contained in a portrait-orientated screen similar in size to an Apple iPad and very easy to both read and operate. As infotainment systems go, I’m usually pretty fussy and don’t particularly warm to touchscreen operation, but this Volvo system is one of my favourites largely due to the fact it’s so easy to operate while driving. The bright 12.3″ active driver’s instrument display that sits where the old analogue dials would have been is also very clear and easy to read and use on the move, as well as being a standout feature of the interior.


There’s no doubt that the XC40 will be flying out over the course of this month, it’s been a massively popular car since its launch earlier in the year and shows no signs of slowing up. This luxury compact SUV will suit young families well and makes for genuinely exceptional value. At these great lease prices, the Volvo XC40 is a winner and one we know our Synergy customers can’t get enough of.