Driving Home for Christmas, The Electric Way.

Driving Home for Christmas, The Electric Way.

 Driving Home for Christmas, The Electric Way.

For Synergy’s electric vehicle customers, the winter months can raise some concerns. How will my car handle in snow and ice? What will my range be like? Thankfully, driving an electric car in winter is not as worrying as you might think. Whilst the overall range of the car is slightly reduced, the smooth electric motor makes driving an electric car easier and often safer. Additionally, most electric cars have a pre-heat function that ensure you remain warm from the moment you get behind the wheel.


How will my car perform in snow and ice?

Although snow and ice can be unsafe and problematic in any situation, electric vehicles have the tendency to be safer in these conditions due to having regenerative braking and no gears, making accelerating and braking smoother.


How will the range be affected during Winter?

On average, range is likely to decrease by 30/40% during freezing temperatures in comparison with range performance during summer.


Top 5 things you can do to protect range in cold temperatures:


  1. Precondition when plugged in

Preconditioning your car often while it’s plugged in, so your electric vehicle is the right temp when you start your drive, allows you to defrost the screen, heat the seats etc., without using battery capacity.


  1. Use heated seats and steering wheels

Heated seats and steering wheels are more efficient and use less energy than the conventional heater, reducing impact on range.


  1. Tyre pressures and condition

Maintaining correct tyre pressure prolongs tyre life and improves traction.


  1. Keep your vehicle warm

If you have a garage, keep your vehicle inside where possible, reducing energy required to heat.


  1. Switch to Eco Safety Mode

Utilising the Eco safety mode, uses the least energy, maximising optimal range and ensuring safter acceleration and controlled driving.